Sponsorship Opportunities at Orland Park Sting FC

At Orland Park Sting FC, we’re passionate about nurturing young talent and promoting the values of teamwork, leadership, and healthy competition through soccer. 

Your support directly impacts our ability to offer top-notch training, facilities, and competitive opportunities to our young athletes, ensuring they have everything they need to chase their dreams on and off the pitch.

Why Sponsor Orland Park Sting FC?

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, contributions to Orland Park Sting FC are tax-deductible, providing financial benefits to your organization or personal giving. Beyond that, here’s are more reasons for consideration.

  • Broad Audience

By sponsoring Orland Park Sting FC, you gain access to an extensive and engaged audience of over 3,000 families in Orland Park and the surrounding areas. This presents a unique opportunity for brand exposure to a diverse and community-oriented demographic.

  • Growing Visibility

Our club’s reach is not static; it’s continuously expanding. With each season, event, and success story, more families and soccer enthusiasts become part of our community. Your sponsorship ensures that your brand grows along with us, benefiting from increased visibility and recognition.

  • Community Goodwill

 Sponsoring Orland Park Sting FC positions your brand as a supporter of youth development, health, and community engagement. This positive association can enhance your brand’s image and foster goodwill among our community members.

  • Business-to-Business Connections

Our network includes local businesses, professionals, and community leaders. Sponsorship offers a platform for networking and building B2B connections that can be invaluable for growth and collaboration.



  • Platinum Sponsorship – $4,000 and above

For those looking to make a significant impact, Platinum Sponsorship not only supports the club at the highest level but also sponsors a player for the entire season, covering their fees, gear, and travel costs. This level of sponsorship ensures that talent shines through, regardless of financial backgrounds.

Taking our gratitude a step further, Platinum Sponsors enjoy prominent placement of their name or company logo on the Orland Park Sting FC website and apparel. Your brand will be front and center, showcasing your leading role in supporting our young athletes.

  • Gold Sponsorship – $500 to $3,999

Ideal for businesses and individuals aiming to make a substantial difference, Gold Sponsors help us enhance our training programs, equipment, and facilities, ensuring our young athletes have the best possible environment to grow.

As a Gold Sponsor, your name or company logo will be proudly displayed on the Orland Park Sting FC website, highlighting your crucial support to visitors, members, and fans alike. This digital recognition serves as a testament to your commitment to youth sports and community development.       

  • Silver Sponsorship – $1 to $499

Every contribution counts! Silver Sponsorship allows anyone to support our mission, helping with the costs of renting practice fields, purchasing necessary equipment, and other club needs.

How to Become a Sponsor

Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly through the form below if you’d like to contribute.